Help your team transition through disruption with confidence

  • Are you struggling to motivate your team as you navigate unchartered terrain?
  • Are people in your team battling with change right now?
  • Are you worried that you, your team, or your organisation could be made redundant or lose market share because you're not adapting fast enough? 
  • Do you wish you had some tips and tricks up your sleeve just to get your team taking that first, and often, the hardest step to move forward?

Teams all over the world are battling with transitioning from what they knew and were comfortable with, to this new, sometimes crazy, ‘normal’! Whether it’s adapting to a new work environment (like working from home a lot more now with new distractions); or a leadership change - transitioning can be difficult! Perhaps your entire business model has changed since Covid19, or dreaded salary cuts you’re having to deal with. Whatever it is - change is often very difficult for so many, and helping your team through these transition periods can feel very overwhelming.

  • Imagine you had the tools to successfully take your team through these transitions
  • Imagine entering this 'new normal' with a motivated, driven and confident team that embraces the necessary changes
  • Imagine having the tools to help team members buy into the change and ease resistance to any transition

Zanele is a fabulous speaker and presenter. She engages powerfully with her audience and has that unique ability to 'dance on her feet' - highly recommended!

— Helen Nicholson, The Networking Company 

The good news for you and your team is that transitioning really doesn't have to be overwhelming!

Join TomorrowToday's 'Unlearning lady' Zanele Njapha as she shares tips and tools for you to share with your team to enable them to thrive in these ambiguous times, using a proven strategy.

This live online workshop will be an interactive session of tips and tricks for transitioning teams such as yours. The workshop will present you with tools to share with your team, enabling them to thrive in these ambiguous times. We will look at what makes transitions successful and the role that UnLearning plays. We will also look at why some organisations fail at transitioning and why others succeed.

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Zanele is an outstanding speaker. She mesmerises her audience with her stories and insightful views – fantastic!

Roger Harrop (The CEO Expert, UK)

Your host - Zanele Njapha

In the face of disruptive change, Zanele assists organisations to navigate various transitions and become future-fit by cracking the unlearning code.

She does this by facilitating the understanding that learning, unlearning and relearning must be the crux and heart of an organisation’s DNA if they are serious about sustained relevance in a shifting climate.

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*The price goes up to R399 at 3pm on the 27th August when the workshop starts.